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Discovering the medieval cities with their history, monuments, museums and characteristic villages.

Nature, parks, forests, valleys and Lake Trasimeno.

You can’t miss our traditions through events festivals where you can taste our local cuisine prepared with excellent products such as black truffle, extra virgin olive oil, cured meets, locally produced wines, local lentils and Trasimeno “fagiolina” (Umbrian beens).


A visit of the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria (National Gallery of Umbria) in the palace, symbol of Perugia Palazzo dei Priori - Priors Palace - which recaptures its ancient splendour through the restoration of its original merlons, its main gate and the frescoes at the Sala dei Notari and other fan-shaped main staircases overlooking the 4th November Square, moreover the Palace is the Town Hall of Perugia.

Take a stroll through the streets of the city centre at the discovery of breathtaking views from Porta Sole, Belvedere Carducci, Terrazza Mercato coperto and Arco di Via Appia.  Other options are the underground Perugia Tour starting from the museum of the Cathedral next to the Cathedral itself. 

Another leg that you can’t miss is the Rocca Paolina, the city fortress, it is located in the centre of Perugia. You can visit and exit from Porta Marzia, that is the most ancient Etruscan gate. It is worth visiting the Pozzo Etrusco (Etruscan well) in the Palazzo Sorbello underground, one of the most relevant examples of Etruscan engineering and hydraulic architecture.


A few minute drive from our farmhouse you can visit Assisi, a magnificent city you can’t miss. St Francis and St Claire’s city is an historical site dating back millennia with Roman, Medieval and Renaissance heritage.
Taking a stroll through the most popular streets and the most hidden alleys you have access to the majestic Sant Francis Cathedral with its Giotto and Cimabue’s frescoes and to Sant Claire’s Church where you will immerse yourself into a deep and evocative sense of spirituality. From the towering Rocca Maggiore overlooking Assisi you can enjoy the natural surrounding landscape.

La Cascata delle Marmore

The Marmore waterfalls offer the most spectacular naturalistic sights  which are the highest waterfalls in Europe. One interesting fact: the name Marmore comes from the calcium carbonate salts which deposit sediment on the rock forming the mountains. The reflection of the sunlight resembles white marble crystals. The waterfalls are in the middle of the regional park of Nera river offering trails overlooking the waterfalls from different angles.

In addition, you have the possibility to pratice aquatic sports such as rafting, canyoning, hydrospeed, kayaking or simply river walking.

Fonte foto: di Sailko - opera propria

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