The Tiber Beer was born in the 2015 from a passion that was an hobby. The first kind of beers was homebrewing  by special kit to discover the All Grain. So it’s started a passion that bring us to produce first Enghlis and Belgian beers, but using ingredients that came from our region. In fact the malt used to make le beer comes from our barley.

Our brewery has a very little craft production with a very careful search of raw materials.

Our beers are spread in a few Perugia’s locals, our guests can always taste it, during the stay in our structure, together with local products.

The beer that we produce is raw, not filtered and made with love and passion.


Tiber Fumè smoked porter beer

Fumé is a Porter with a dark ebony smokey touch. The foam, from the soft cappuccino color, is soft and […]

Tiber Beer Anita

Beer discreetly clear it’s colour is among strong golden and amber. It’s foam is compact with a good persistence. It […]

Tiber Beer Ninkasi

This kind of beer has got a strong amber color and its foam is compact, creamy e persistent. It’s inspired […]

Tiber Beer Osiride

Wheat beer its colour is golden yellow and it is lightly veiled due to the presence of yeasts, the foam […]