Jazz di strada a Perugia
Umbria Jazz

Perugia – July 2019.

It is the most important jazz music festival in Italy, it was born in 1973 that it plays every year in Perugia in the month of july.

There aren’t so much festival that has had a strong impact on the musical and social story of country like Umbria Jazz. When was born, in the 70’s, it was just a test to combine the passion for jazz music with the needs of a region that wanted to know its territorially riches. It became, in a short time, a sort of Italian Woodstock  whole free, where there were the most famous jazz artist that join their music with their politic commitment. Today Umbra Jazz is one of a few festival that can combine its elitist nature with the people’s passion. All of this is possible thank a special organization. In fact there are both concert in arena with thousands of spectators both theatre concert where there is more possibility to experiment and looking for new kinds of music. Moreover there are some locals when you can discover new music talent, finally there are places that are free where music became pure enjoy like the original spirit of Umbria Jazz has learnt.

Perugia is a city with a strong Etruscan nature in this period it was one of most important center. You can see finds dating at Etruscan age like a famous Etruscan arc, and other monuments like Fontana Maggiore that is situated in Place IV November one  of most beautiful places of Italy. For further information visit www.umbriajazz.com